10 Reasons why now is the best time to Relaunch your Travel Business

Here is the inspiration needed to pick your business up, and place it on the right track. Don’t waste this chance.

The travel industry is still dealing with the Coronavirus and all the challenges it has presented. As a result, I continue to say that now is the perfect time for businesses in the travel industry to be bold in taking action for a relaunch. By which I mean that practitioners should make appropriate changes and reintroduce their businesses to customers, suppliers, and anyone else with whom they have a business relationship. 

These are my top ten reasons to do this now.

1.    It’s the best chance to jump start sales. Know this, as bleak as it is now, travel is coming back, and a relaunch will be a great way to be well positioned for early sales.

2.    The industry is hungry for new offerings. When the restrictions are lifted, the demand will be high for what is new and fresh. Your business should be new and fresh too.

3.    Reach new customers. This follows on from point number two…with a relaunch potential customers seeking new and fresh offerings will not ignore your relaunched business.

4.    Stand out in your niche. The majority of the competitors in your niche will not relaunch, as a result relaunching will finally separate your business from all others.

5.    It’s the best time to introduce innovation. Given all the drastic changes, the travel industry needs new products and ways of doing business more than ever. Relaunching with that in mind, easily delivers your brand of innovation.

6.    Talent is available. If your relaunched business requirements include new employees, now is the best time to recruit from the glut of experienced workers who are seeking new jobs.

7.    New niches will emerge. With all the new requirements and increased attention on hygiene, the environment is ripe for new niches in travel services. Relaunching to focus on a newly inspired niche is a timely and good idea.

8.    Remind the industry of your existence. Since the beginning of 2020 there has been so much going on, so don’t blame any customer or supplier who lost touch with you. A relaunch will fix that by reminding them that your business is still available.

9.    New business to business opportunities. Businesses will be seeking new suppliers as some of their regulars would have gone out of business, or become obsolete because new customer demands dictate so. A relaunch not only prevents obsolescence, but it brings your business front and center at a time when there is increased demand for your service.

10. Be ready to serve in a new world.  Never have we seen changes happen so drastically and swiftly in our industry and the world at the same time. Relaunching is a good decision and a good way to ready your business to serve in a new world.

Although these are just my top ten reasons, there is likely one among them which has caused you to think about relaunching your business. If that is so, do it.