The Truth About Early Birds and Worms – Post Covid19 Travel Sales

The Earliest Sales when Travel Returns will be the most Important, here is why, and who will get them.

There is a reason why the early bird gets the most worms, and the truth of this idiom is about to be demonstrated in a major way. Travel is one industry where reality will matchup perfectly with this expression, as soon as the world gets a firm handle on the Covid19 pandemic. 

The alignment will bring benefits, but the recipients will not get them automatically. In other words, simply being involved in travel sales and services will not qualify an individual or a business for all the benefits. The most worms will go only to those who positioned themselves well and are ready.

So yes, I’m still advocating for, and spreading the gospel of business relaunches.  And if you read my article just prior to this one, you would have learnt that, jump starting sales post Covid19 is one of the top ten reasons for relaunching now.

The following are the reasons why it is important for travel businesses to be in position to have early sales after the Covid19 pandemic:

1.    Early sales will help your business to recover quickly. Recover? Yes. Every business involved in travel sales and services are likely having performances far below what they had at any time in the past. A quick recovery will mean everything for some businesses. Imagine making it to the end of the pandemic’s ravages with your business on the brink of demise, then not surviving because sales did not rebound swiftly enough to bring in the needed revenue. Anyone facing this disappointment will see the logic too late to recognize the importance of early sales.

2.    Early sales positions you to service your most hungry customers. Customers who cannot wait to travel will want to travel as soon as restrictions are lifted. They will be the source of the early sales, and the earnings from the business they bring will facilitate your ability to pursue even more early sales. If you are not ready to serve your early customers, you will likely lose them to someone who is ready for them. This is why positioning is critical.

3.    Early sales gives you a leg up on long term success. Early sales equal early revenue, and early revenue puts your business in a position to invest by capitalizing on available deals. The deals I speak of are deals which will exist because of the lag time between the recovery for the travel industry and other industries. This gap will give you a chance to pay discounted rates on everything from rent and leases to human resources. This is all part of your leg up on success, complements of being well positioned and ready to make early sales after Covid19.

So, the truth about early birds and worms post Covid19, is, only the birds who readied themselves during the pandemic will be in a position to get the most worms.