Using Travel Trends to Satisfy Pent-up Demand

A comprehensive how-to guide does not exist for this. What is on offer however, is a two-step process which travel advisors may find useful, especially if they understand the importance of early post pandemic sales to their businesses. (I explained the importance in a past article, The Truth About Early Birds and Worms.

This easily implemented process includes:

·      Identifying the travel trends for the coming year.

·      Matching and engaging current and potential clients with each trend.

The main characteristics of this process is that it is easily implemented, and it is versatile. Put it to work, and its obvious usefulness will be clear regardless of the travel trend it is applied to.

In the following four examples, I will walk you through the process. Each example is a specific travel trend for the coming year, coupled with the actions you should take.

Trend 1.

Travelers will be seeking more intimate experiences in bucket list destinations. This signifies that the pent-up demand is in part defined by a sense of urgency among travelers to check items off their bucket lists.

What should you do?

Search your client list for customers who indicated that they have bucket list destinations they would like to travel to. Don’t have a client list with such details? This is then an opportunity for you to communicate with your clients to connect them with the idea of bucket list travel in the near future.

Trend 2.

Travelers are open to long-stay remote working options. The pandemic has accelerated the work from anywhere concept and both employers and destinations are embracing it. Caribbean islands like Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, and Barbados introduced such options in 2020. Even hotel properties like the Four Seasons Resort on Nevis have options to facilitate the entire family on a long stay vacation which includes work and school.

What should you do?

Begin a search, compile the requirements and details for each destination and the hotels which provide this as an option. Once you have those, introduce the idea to your clients or potential clients for whom this is practical. You should also list it as a product on your website and other marketing material.  

Trend 3.

Bleisure Travel. Business travel is not dead. It is evolving. One of its new states is Bleisure travel. Bleisure travel is travel which combines both business and leisure activities like hiking, relaxation, tours, fishing etc. This is a timely God sent for the travel industry.

What should you do?

If you sell corporate travel, you have a leg up. Get fully educated on Bleisure Travel, then call your relevant clients and present them with well researched Bleisure itineraries for any pending or anticipated trips. It may be a new concept to them, so be prepared to use your new found knowledge to sell the idea.

Trend 4.

Heritage and Ancestry Travel. According to the United Nations, 244 million people or 3.3 percent of the world’s population live outside of their country of birth. Both them, and their in-country relatives are all candidates for Heritage and Ancestry Travel.

What should you do?

Research the demographics in your market area, and consider anyone in that bracket a potential traveler interested in heritage and ancestry travel. Your next move is to proactively promote your service to this demographic.

There are other travel trends, and just like the ones discussed here, they present good opportunities to boost travel sales. Take the time to explore them and apply the two-step process so that the sales success promise of pent-up demand may be yours.