Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue and the Travel Industry

As if the fallout from Covid-19 was not enough of an issue for the travel industry, Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue has hit.

Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue (as I term it), is a feeling of tiredness as a result of having to hear about, and deal with issues related to Covid-19 in all aspects of personal and professional life.

It is an apt description of the current feelings of travel professionals. Many are concerned about the future of their businesses, and are tired of what seems to be a never-ending wait to return to earning a viable income from travel.

The best analogy is to relate Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue to being tired during physical exercise. The longer the period of exercise, the more tired one gets. With physical exercise the course and duration are typically known, so the pace and intensity can be adjusted to make endurance to the end certain. However, with Covid-19 and its ravages on the travel industry, there is no way to tell the length and the remaining duration of the onslaught. Not knowing when Covid-19 will be under control means that altering the pace to preserve energy and prolong endurance is not easily done. Despite the difficulty, there are options for travel industry professionals to overcome Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue. Here are three of them.

1.    Take a break. Taking a break is the instinctive reaction to tiredness, and it is appropriate in this case because it is helpful. Taking a break from Covid-19 simply means avoiding the news and the need for protocol adherence for a specific period of time. Isolate yourself to do it. Obviously, this break must be planned so it is safe, successful, rejuvenating and worthwhile. Imagine not hearing about Covid-19 or practicing social distancing and mask wearing for two days straight. You will come back to reality revived and ready to deal with it all.

2.    Pay attention to how others are managing. Although you are tired, seeing how others are successfully dealing with Covid-19 can be quite inspirational. How they navigate could be a sign that they have learned how to operate with success despite Covid-19. What they do, and the way they do it may aid your fight against Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue and could become high value practices for you.

3.    Visualize the future. Visualize the future with you and your business in it doing well. Have you ever noticed that the sight of the finish line is energizing to athletes? It is when they exert more effort to try to finish strong despite their fatigue. Covid-19 has no clear finish line, but visualize one and make the effort to cross it triumphantly.

Non-Medical Covid-Fatigue is real, and as a travel professional you can overcome it with these three hacks.