Change the Thread you are Hanging by into a Lifeline

While there is good and bad news on the Covid-19 front, travel professionals and travel businesses are still hanging on by a thread. There is however a practical and perhaps unexpected psychological hack which is sure to save businesses and careers in the travel industry.

This past week brought some good news about success in the quest to develop a vaccine to battle Covid-19. This is what many have been waiting for. It is a great morale boost for many industries, including and especially for the travel industry. While the signs are good and all understand it is not an indication of definite success, it shows a light at the end of this longer than expected tunnel.

While we have that reason for optimism, there is simultaneous recent news that Covid-19 infections are growing worldwide. But such is life…and there is a noteworthy resultant reality – many travel businesses and travel professionals are hanging on by a thread. Will travel businesses survive to serve again whenever this all ends? Will most travel professionals remain in the industry? Clearly the answers to these questions depend on commerce and finances; and one more thing – psychology.

There are psychological benefits to be had by looking forward and planning for the future. Uncertain as the future may be, planning for it injects not just hope and impetus to make an effort to see plans through to fruition. This is exactly what travel businesses and travel professionals need now – forward thinking and planning sufficient to turn the thread into a strong rope – a lifeline.

I suggest that one sure step to employ the psychological benefits of planning ahead, is to building a solid team now to tackle what the future will bring. This will accomplish two things: you will have the team you need to flourish when business returns, and you will be committed for the long haul knowing that you have help, and a group of people depending on you.

This team building is not just for corporations. It is a real necessity with real benefits for sole proprietors who in the past did it all on their own. For them this is the opportune time to step up and upgrade. Those who do may save themselves in the travel industry, and emerge in the future with a more useful, proficient and vibrant travel business.

Here are three proven ways to build a team and harness the resulting psychological benefits.

Identify and choose your team members. This is the critical first step, so be methodical and choose wisely. Select and target individuals whom you can work with without any issues. Let them be people whom you can care about and at the same time are individual who can expertly do the tasks necessary to solidly contribute to the team’s work. Check these boxes and you will be increasingly motivated to stay in the game.

Formalize agreements. Formal agreements which spell out the nature of your acquaintance with your team members are suggested. Having such will define your commitment and psychologically drive you all despite any disappointments or setbacks. You will all be on the same page pulling in the same direction.

Have a plan to execute together. Creating a plan could easily be the first step, as with a plan you can build the team you need to fulfill the plan successfully. However, there are advantages to planning after establishing the team. More psychological benefits may be had by choosing the team members and constructing the plan with them according to their individual strengths. If done together, it is owned together, and executed together.